On-Site VoIP PBX System



Is this your Vision of your phone system

Granted this is a little extreme but we all know that communication is how a company grows and moves forward

Is your phone system an asset to your company or is it slowing you down has it moved with the times ?

is it efficiently supporting your business or is it  possibly putting you a risk.


May be we can change you view of a phone system

Phone Dash

We have invested time and effort looking for the best solution for our customers and we think we have found it

Here are a few of the features that our phone system can offer

  1. Voice mail to email

  2. Diverts to mobile

  3.  Ring group-Hunt groups

  4. IVR’s

  5. Out of hours

  6. Conference Calls

IF you wish to discuss options and what we can do for you then give us a call or send us a message