Email Archiving




We know that email runs your company and if you lose that quote and or proposal its not always easy to get it back.

Time and Time again we get calls regarding the loss of an email or an email archive that has been deleted and or gone missing this can be very frustrating and cause a lot unnecessary stress .



We can offer you a solution

  1. Onsite archiving your emails are stored and archived on site

  2. Remote Email Archiving

Both offerings use the best in email arching software where one allow you to store your email off site the other keeps your email archive on site the choice is yours

Onsite Email Archiving

One you have purchased the full software package you can insall this on one of your own servers and start using all of its features we can setup and maintain this for you with one of our support packages

Remote Email Archiving

For a small fee every month we can store and retain all your emails at our off site location so you can be safe in the knowledge that any email you and or you colleagues have sent have been save and stored and can be retrieved at any time day or night. Retention policy’s can be set so that no user can delete any email from the archive for a length of time and full auditing is included so this can be used to determined when an email was sent and or received

If you think you can benefit from this please give us a call