Backup And Disaster Recovery


Backlup Restore Image

Your Data is the most important part of your company

Could you afford to lose it ?!?

Have you ever considered these Question

  1. Who is responsible for our Backup data

  2. How often is it checked that the backups are working and we can restore data from it

  3. What is our recovery plan and do people know what to do in an emergency


That’s where we can help

  1. mini network pictureWe can provide a Flexible and robust solution with a price to suit any budget

  2. We can provide you with a business continuity backup plan that allows you to work when you need to

  3. We will walk you though every step of the backup solution setup alerts and monitoring so if an issue arises we know about it

  4. Provide you with documentation and on site training so that you can be sure that your data is secure

  5. We can test your backups either on or offsite so you can have peace of mind that the solution you chose is working for you

We can also provide a offsite backup solution as well no more worrying about when the backup was last taken off site we can do it all

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We can offer a free Review of your Backup and DR solution and give you advise on how you can improve this and or what changes you can make to make your solution work for you .We can schedule regular disaster recovery checks and monitor your entire backup solutions giving you complete peace of mind